Bells and whistles are nice, but when determining the features you need, aim to make things simple for the customers while keeping things easy for your staff. Integrate your supplier inventory with your shipping software to make order fulfillment easier. If you’re working with a 3PL or fulfillment company, integrate it with your platform, so order fulfillment is automated. As more people use mobile devices to shop, you need to be sure your website supports a mobile-friendly web design. Alternatively, you could have a web developer build a mobile app. With responsive design, your website automatically adjusts to the viewer’s device’s screen size for usability.

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Someone should be able to recognize and understand what they are. Customers want familiar guide posts showing them the way to what they’re looking for. Getting organic traffic depends on the relevance of your content in the eyes of web crawlers. Paying attention to SEO may help you rank higher and get more clicks.

Figure out what you’re going to sell

They provide a strategic roadmap and execute your ideas by understanding your market scenario and business processes. They develop native and cross-platform mobile applications and are well-versed in all the latest development in the mobile space to optimize the reach of your e-commerce business. Lazy loading is an emerging design trend that adds more products to the existing page rather than continually requiring new pages to be loaded. The beauty is this technique not only helps speed and performance; it increases ‘perceived performance’ making the user think the page is loading faster than it is in reality.

Custom Web Application Development that supports business processes and crosses over from desktop to tablet to mobile. WiT Group’s website has a local SEO health scan tool that businesses can use to measure the current success of their online business efforts. Magento, in particular can be a great option, offering flexibility in the store’s look and feel. It comes with valuable default features and added open source plug-ins.

Creating original, engaging content will enable you to build your brand in a consistent manner and can drive your site up the Google rankings. A 2019 report found that overwhelmingly, consumers want sustainable products and up to a third of buyers are willing to pay 25% more for them. The second biggest determiner of brand loyalty after the product’s quality was ethical business practices. Expect to see it loud and proud across leading ecommerce sites this year, as conscious consumers demand ethical ecommerce practices.

Their portfolio contains all information about their projects, so it is easy for you to read. Hiring local staff in industrialized nations may be quite expensive for organizations, considering recruiting, social benefits, and compensation. Thus, the solution is to choose a foreign partner from other regions that have a lower cost of living, hence cheaper labor. Your use of formatting when making your points makes your observations very clear and easy to understand. So those are the 16 steps necessary for creating an ecommerce website.

What should an ecommerce development team cover technically?

The flexibility to use mobile devices has pushed the eCommerce business enormously. Thus, it is absolutely important to make sure that a website should be mobile optimized. A website should be compatible with all devices no matter what size it is of.

WiT’s integrated digital services include content development and management, SEM and SEO, UX design, and market research. They also offer logo design, branding, copywriting, videography, PR, social media marketing, and more. By the time their e-commerce development direction was shaped in 2003, ScienceSoft had already been a reputed provider of software development services.

You’re in complete control of your ecommerce projects with full access to monitor the status of your projects at all times. You’ll experience fast, easy and clear communication from your project account manager based in the United States. Have you seen a feature on a competitor site that you want to add to your store? No problem, simply show us the website or the app and we can find a way to make it a reality for your business.

How to start your eCommerce Website Development Project?

Purchase your domain name now so you don’t have to worry about it later. Be aware of what products succeed and the trends that have come and gone. Running an ecommerce website means not only knowing what potential customers may need right now, but what they’ll want in future. Another important aspect of the online shopping experience is security. Customers need to feel safe when entering their payment information, and they should not have to worry about their data being compromised.

e-commerce website development

Use the best SEO practices to help people find your website, products, and services. An SEO-friendly website draws more customers than a non-optimized website. Similarly, adding target keywords make it easily searchable for the users. During the website development life cycle, you’ll find many SEO strategies that if implemented correctly can attract a huge number of potential customers to your website.

B2B Ecommerce Platforms:

Make sure you follow each one in the correct order so you don’t miss anything and everything goes as planned. The second and final task you should complete cloud team as part of ecommerce site development is to run a quality test. Quality analysis is a critical task that must be completed prior to going live.

e-commerce website development

The journey of building a successful e-commerce website starts with defining business needs, goals, and budgets. Depending on whom you wish to cater to , your business objectives, etc., the type of e-commerce website is decided. However, when it’s about e-commerce websites types, you can categorize them into three varieties.


Some big giants even ask for top software developers who can build custom CRMs that is fully-tailored to their business strategy. Mobile phone usage continues to grow and is expected to account for 54% of ecommerce sales by 2021. Having an online store that is accessible and ready for mobile users to shop on can help an online business stay ahead of its competitors. This can be achieved by a responsive design that expands and contracts effectively across different devices. With Shopify development services, they will offer you solution consults, integration services, website design and development, customization, migration, and extension development. Owning the best Shopify website developers, straightforward workflow, dedicated project managers, comprehensive maintenance and support, Webential will satisfy you and give you the greatest result.

e-commerce website development

And when nearly89% of consumersshop with a competitor after a poor user experience, this isn’t an element you want to miss. Yes, you can make eCommerce website with TemplateToaster Magento theme builder. There are some best WordPress hosting providersout there but you definitely need a good paid plan for eCommerce Website Development.

Level of experience and rate of ecommerce web developers and designers. Advising on business, technology and operational aspects, we help you improve your operational efficiency and manage the entire experience customers have with your company. Their development team and the level of code and quality of code is another item that is really superior to a lot of players. Other huge development firms don’t produce code that’s as high quality as Konstant Infosolutions.”

Stage 3: Providing the best online shopping experience

For example, if you only sell gardening supplies, the primary colour of the theme should be green or something related. Similarly, if toys are your primary products, you should have various colours that give your website a kid-friendly appearance. Now that you have chosen a suitable eCommerce platform to build your store, make your store accessible to the customers or other businesses on the internet. The process of publishing your store online or going live is called eCommerce web hosting.

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Website Developer for You

This practice will assist you in locating flaws, loopholes, and broken links on the website. A non-trusted payment solution will bring a bad name to your brand. There’s hardly any second opinion in the industry— the better the site, the better the business.

Determine product categories

Call to action buttons, robust customer support and brand consistency can set a business apart from its competitors and create brand loyalty in its customer base. Social commerce is growing across many industries but is most apparent in the fashion and retail industries. In the shorter term, there are a few ecommerce trends which are expected to grow in significance and should be factored into a company’s ecommerce website development strategy.

As a result, it is advised that you include product sharing options so that they can easily share those products via WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, or other platforms. Display complementary cross-sell products for convincing buy-ready customers. Okay, you’ve managed to drive massive traffic on your store & plenty of followers on social media— but are you getting enough conversion? Let’s be frank— your marketing efforts are of no use if you aren’t getting the sale numbers.

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