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Why Us

Why Home Source Maintenance Coverage?

Are you tired of making large expensive repairs to your home when it could all have been avoided with simple maintenance?

We understand that keeping up with the constant repairs and maintenance around your house is exhausting, time consuming, and if you ignore it, expensive.


Our Services

Thanks to our Preventative Home Maintenance Plan, you can finally have the peace of mind you deserve. We protect the basic sources of the most valuable needs of your home, HOT WATER AND CLEAN AIR!


With a true one-time payment, our qualified technicians will visit your home 3 times per year to perform all the following services:

Filter Service

Every visit includes changing all of the HVAC air filters throughout your home. Any size, no matter how many you have, so you always have the cleanest air!

HVAC Service

Regular service on your HVAC system will help maintain the life of the system components. This includes cleaning A/C drain lines, checking refrigerant levels, straighten and cleaning coils, check for any systems leaks, tighten loose electrical connections, and performing a system health test.

Electrical Service

Preventative electrical maintenance includes replacing any burned out light bulbs, testing power outlets and GFCI’s, and performing a routine check up on your electrical panel breakers.

Water Heater Service

Our comprehensive water heater service keeps your hot water flowing freely all year long.
Service includes, testing your TPR valve, checking the anode rods condition, draining the water tank to wash out sediments and refilling, adjusting temperatures, and checking all the gas and electrical connections to the unit.

Smoke Detector Service

Tired of hearing the smoke alarms beeping? Our smoke detector service includes testing your alarm system to ensure it works, cleaning the alarms out, and best of all, changing all the batteries in the smoke alarms each time we perform service.

Vent Service

What about those fire hazardous and lint filled dryer vents? We will clean out the vents behind your home clothes dryer and also clean the exterior vent. One less thing for you to worry about.

Drain Service

Those filthy under the sink drains. During each of our visits, we will remove all your P Traps under your sinks and clean out all that sludge! Doing this maintains adequate draining, keeping you safe from backed up water floods.

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HSM Coverage Plan

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What We Offer

Service Plan Includes

With no hidden fees or surprises, you can finally give your home the protection it deserves. And for those unexpected repairs, loyal customers will receive a 25% discount.

Reliable Service

A qualified technician will come out to your home 3 times in one calendar year to provide all 7 of our services.

Service Schedule

You will receive your service schedule for the year by email within 24 hours.

Fast Service

First service is expected to be done within 14 days.

1 Year Service Agreement

All plans are covered by a one-year service agreement.

Customer Reviews

We are Trusted

Lilian Presindo


Great Service! I recommend HSM services to everyone.

Scott Furon


Preventative maintenance is just what I needed. Now I have peace knowing my home mechanicals are covered.

Margaret Beckwell


I love HSM, quick, fast, and reliable service!

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